Membership to Koperasi Sumber Terbuka Selangor Berhad is open to
1. A Malaysian national
2. Have reached the age of eighteen years old
3. Residing or having property or working or studying in the area of operations that is the whole state of Selangor, except for the district of Sabak Bernam
4. Not one who has a conviction for wrongdoing that is still in force, nor mentally incapacitated, nor an undischarged bankrupt, nor removed from any co-operative within the past one year.

Application to be a co-operative member can be made online:
1. Fill in the information at
2. Your application will be verified and the account will be activated
3. An e-mail will be sent to you instructing the payment method to be admitted as a member
4. Payment for admission fee (RM10) and minimum shares (RM100) must be made to the account of Koperasi Sumber Terbuka Selangor Berhad
5. After you have made payment please email a copy of the payment slip

As a member, you may use the following portal features:
1. View and update your profile
2. View your account statement
3. Online payment for additional shares (coming soon)
4. Request for share withdrawal (coming soon)
5. Advertise your events and services (coming soon)


Paid Up Capital

No. of Trans. Item Amount Debit Item Amount Credit
35 4,281.00